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Advantages of the Ekko doors

  • Good at shooting
  • Easier to pull
  • Good at turning and stand very stable
  • Open the trawl better
  • Fly steady just above the bottom
  • Pulled at 20 – 30 degress angle of attack
  • Easier to haul
  • Catch well
  • Less load on the engine and trawling equipment
  • Strong doors built from quality steel
  • Made from 100% recyclable steel
  • Environmentally friendly doors

Saves fuel

  • Due to the wing-shaped profile of Ekkó, it travels quietly through the sea at a smaller angle of attack than other brands.
  • The resistance is low because Ekkó is thicker at the front and then tapers back like an airplane wing.
  • The lifting force of the wing-shaped Ekkó´s profile is high because the back plate is sharper and longer than the front plate. Therefore, the sea has to travel longer and at a higher speed,  which results in low pressure at the back plate and high pressure at the front plate,  and the Bernoulli forces pull the doors out on their own,  without having to force the doors out at a large angle of attack like other doors.

We are Ekko

Extensive experience in the fishing industry

Mr. Smári Jósafatsson

The Ekkó trawl door is an Icelandic design from decades of experience.  The designer of Ekkó is Smári Jósafatsson.  Smári worked for decades with his father Jósafat Hinriksson,  the maker of the Poly-Ice trawl doors.  Making them,  in research and development, and as sales and marketing manager.

Making them, in research and development, and as sales and marketing manager of the Poly-Ice trawl doors which were among the best-selling trawl doors in the world at that time. Accumulating years of experience in the industry and the technology.  

Out of the experience and observations on the limitations presented in existing trawl doors he decided to start research and pursue his vision of the EKKÓ shape.

Shareholders are Smári, Jón, Frosti, Tennin ehf. and Inning ehf. Phone: +354 896 2300

Mr. Frosti Sigurjónsson

Frosti is an MBA Business economist, consultant, investor and entrepreneur. Previously he was the CEO of Nyherji a leading IT solution provider in Iceland, the CFO for Marel a global provider of advanced food processing systems, chairman of CCP a computer games developer and founder and CEO of Dohop a travel technology company. Frosti has also served on the boards of several companies and been a member of parliament where he chaired the committee for economy and commerce.

Mr. Jón Þ. Hilmarsson

Jon has over 40 years’ professional practice experience in audit and accountancy in Iceland working on clients ranging from subsidiaries of large multinationals to local SMEs.

HB Grandi / Brim hf. one of Iceland’s largest seafood companies.

AVS fund for fisheries research. Rannís, Research and innovation fund, tax benefits, project with HB Grandi / Brim and international Patent application grant.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 781043.

Ekko trawl doors

Ekko trawl doors are environmental and eco-friendly Icelandic trawl doors that reduce oil consumption and work without contact with the bottom, which protects the bottom and living environment at the bottom, protects the ecosystem and reduces the environmental footprint. Ekkó is a patented Icelandic design reduces the emission of greenhouse gases.

The concept of Ekko is based on the same idea as airplane wings, which is the Bernoulli effect, where the door design itself opens the trawl with the same functionality.

Ekko two-spoiler Semi doors are pulled at a fishing angle of 25-30 degrees, which reduces the resistance.

Semi and pelagic one-spoiler doors are pulled at an angle of 20-25 degrees, which reduces the resistance of the doors even more.

The Ekko doors have been developed with fishing captains.

Tests on Ekko to maximize their´s results have been conducted at sea, in fishing gear flume tanks and with current simulation model calculations in supercomputers.

Trawl door manufacturer´s main testing in fishing gear test tanks is to measure the value of CL/CD which is the expansion forces (Lift) divided by the resistance of the trawl doors (Drag). The Ekko single spoiler pelagic trawl door delivered a CL/CD of 5.4 which is probable the best CL/CD seen in tank trials.

Many trips to the experimental flume tanks in Denmark and in Canada.

Catching with fourteen trawlers off Iceland and Sweden.
Trawling for demersal fishes off Iceland.
Catching shrimp/prawns with one trawl and catching lobster and fish in twin trawls in Sweden.
During research and searching for pelagic fish species off Iceland

Two new pairs of Ekko doors were delivered to:
Bjorgulfur EA-312 took Ekko Semi 2-spoiler doors 7.5m2 3900 kg/each into use mid-December 2022.Vestmannaey VE-54 took Ekko Semi 2-spoiler doors 4.1m2 1400 kg/each at the beginning of January 2023